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Gregory portrays the Visigothic war as a campaign against Arian heresy.His account indicates that prior to the battle, Clovis gave gifts to the church and made appeals to St. Gregory elevated the Franks to equivalency with the ancient Hebrews, the chosen people, and Clovis to the stature of their great king David.Even more important, he held Clovis up as a model for his own contemporary Frankish kings, Clovis’s grandsons.

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He was born into paganism, two of his sisters were Arians (one married the Arian Ostrogothic king Theodoric the Great), and his wife, Clotilda, like her sister, was Catholic but from a Burgundian royal family that included Arians.

His life illustrates a crucial series of ideological and cultural transformations that took place throughout the Western Roman Empire as it gave way to Germanic kingdoms.