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23-Jul-2017 11:54

Assuming that all Senate Democrats will vote against the bill, Republicans can only afford to lose two of their members' votes to eke out a win with Vice President Mike Pence's tie-breaking vote. Representative Lee Zeldin is standing firm this week that he will vote against the Republicans’ proposed tax bill in the U. House of Representatives, which, in its most recent draft, still eliminates most state and local tax deductions—a refund critical in New York, one of the most highly taxed states in America.

The full Senate is expected to vote on the bill soon after Thanksgiving. The House version of the legislation unveiled on Thursday, November 9, does feature the small consolation prize of property tax deductions up to ,000, while the U. Senate version eliminates the deductions completely.“I am still a no,” Mr.

It's fine if the voters in NY wish their state to be blue, but it has proven, and will continue to be proven an expensive option. The Federal balance of payments is a separate issue, and should be viewed as such.

If you write off your property’s taxes, using your own democratic logic, you are “costing” the government ie taxpayers money.

It should be to keep more of our own vis a vis lowering state and local taxes through the arresting of graft, corruption, theft and laziness.

Thank you for not insisting that Trump didn't receive NRA contributions this time. For the vast majority of middle class Americans, it is a tax cut.

Despite his opposition, he expects the bill to pass in the House anyway.“I don’t know what the whip count is, but if I had to guess I’d think the bill has enough support to pass the House currently,” he said.

“There’s a lot of unity behind this bill,” he added, referring to his fellow Republicans as the current draft has garnered no Democrat support thus far, passing out of the Ways and Means Committee on a 24-16 party-line vote.

Your goal shouldn't be to get more of other people's money.I was not referring to Federal balance of payments, I was simply stating that if State taxes were not deductable, it would put more pressure on Albany.