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21-Apr-2018 06:31

In the Children’s Settings screen, you can indicate the specific relationship of the child to each parent.When you add another spouse to a person who already has a child, the child automatically becomes the stepchild of the second spouse. At press time, same-sex marriage is legal in the United States as well as Canada, Britain, Ireland and 16 other countries.

When an individual with children remarries, Family Tree Maker knows that the second “parent” is the child’s stepparent.

Of course, these situations have been around as long as there’ve been families.

Today, genealogists also want to document relationships and life events that weren’t possible for our ancestors, such as same-sex marriages, assisted reproduction and gender transitioning.

This program, as well as the My Heritage online tree, connects children to a husband and wife family group.

That means that when a new spouse of one of the biological parents is added, the children of the former marriage stay with the former family group and aren’t shown as belonging to the family group made up of parent and the new spouse.Then you could choose to add a husband to a man or a wife to a woman. You’ll attach a spouse to the person and select the appropriate gender and relationship.

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