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Communication is focused when it's precisely adjusted to a certain group of recipients.When a transmitter adjusts a certain message to several groups of recipients, and allow the individual recipient to choose which group she belongs to, the transmitter has created an information tunnel.Using information tunnels effectively, means that one can divide all recipients in groups - but these doesn't have to be socio- or demographically based.I believe that dividing people by age or income, or voting pattern, is less important.My claim is that whatever we do, we are not sociologically founded, we are intentionally founded.Key to reaching a recipient is not knowing her age, but what she wants to do.As you see, this article is not an example of information tunnels or focused information (rather it is one of featureism) but this article would have been so, if I had made three of them, each catering to the desires of each of the recipient groups.For instance, take this example of how to effectively create an information tunnel: On the front page of " In this way the company's business, mission, geographic reach and terms of trade are all precisely defined in words and pictures.

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Are big companies giving us more and better information?It's why they interact with you, their intention, that counts!To illustrate: all recipients of this very article can be divided into three categories: In this case, the recipient's age or daily-life is of no or little importance, only their intention for reading this: whether they are belonging to 1, 2 or 3.I know how hard it is, as a transmitter, to focus on the recipient and how easy it is to think of oneself.

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Besides philosophizing on media, communication and technology, I also (once in a while) design websites.An accepted idea in business communication is integrated communication: impossible - maybe even undesirable - to realize, it doesn't influence focused information: integrated communication deals with the company's communication with, and in relation to, it's surroundings: what's to be said.

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