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23-Apr-2018 12:23

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Hillary Clinton hobbled away from filming a British TV show interview on crutches Monday after breaking her toe falling down some stairs.The former presidential candidate arrived wearing a surgical boot to the BBC program The Graham Norton Show, as she revealed she took a tumble in high heels while holding a cup of coffee.A spokeswoman said: 'We haven't been given a reason for the delay but we are hoping to do the recording later.'ITV said they had not been given a reason either, but were also hoping to record an interview before Clinton leaves Britain.The US Embassy said it had not received any information about the former First Lady's accident. The jewel, which commonly sits under the bellybutton, was sunshine shaped and was a clear tribute to the pair's first holiday.Connor also wore a huge smile on his face as they embraced the midday heat, with him wearing a black T-shirt and matching shorts.

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Aspiring actor Connor - who identifies as pansexual - explained: 'Me and Lauren was speaking for quite a while.

At the South Bank Centre in London, Clinton told the audience she believed Trump was a sex offender and that she felt she had been a champion of women's rights in her career.'I was part of a revolution for women's rights that's began in the Sixties with real intensity.